In August 2017, I decided to replace my home for a backpack and started to travel the world. It wasn’t an impulsive decision – these things never usually are. However, I didn’t have much of a plan. All I knew was that I would work as a freelance writer, and that I would strive to live a good life through thoughts, not things.

Why Thoughts Not Things?

We’re all familiar with the age-old phrase of “money can’t buy happiness”, but from what I’ve experienced, not many of us live accordingly.

We try and justify enduring long hours at work by arguing that it’s how we put food on the table. But people in developed countries are earning more than ever, living in unnecessary excess, and reports overwhelmingly show a decrease in happiness in comparison to 50 years ago.

Many of us mindlessly work in jobs that we do not find to be meaningful, only to spend on things that we do not find to be worthy. I have been guilty of doing just this, and it’s a vicious cycle.

We have one life, and I believe that it should be spent consciously and sustainably. It is possible for us all to live rich lives, but beyond fulfilling our most basic needs, it requires an investment in ourselves, not in material things.

A good life truly cannot be bought, and it’s harder to attain than money. As I travel and gain inspiration from different places and cultures, I write blogs, travel montages, and poetry based on my experiences.